Cecilia Molinari, born in Los Angeles to Argentine parents, was raised in the United States and Argentina, creating a scenario where both cultures and languages were embedded in her soul. With this unique ability to fully understand these two worlds, she embarked on her publishing journey, now going on fifteen years.

After climbing the ladder from editorial assistant to senior project editor at Houghton Mifflin Publishing and jumping from senior production editor to managing editor and editor at HarperCollins Publishers, she found her niche at Rayo, the HarperCollins Latino imprint that published books in Spanish and English. While at Rayo, she spearheaded numerous celebrity books in English and Spanish as well as Rayo’s exclusive Esenciales collection of Latin American and Spanish contemporary classics, and managed the joint venture between Rayo and Grupo Planeta.

Cecilia now brings her wealth of experience to you, to contribute her grain of sand and help the written word flourish within the print and online media landscape. She currently lives in New York.