“I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Cecilia Molinari on many projects. She has edited many of my latest books and, if she is involved, I know I am in good hands. Her perfect knowledge of Spanish, of the publishing industry in the United States and Latin America, and the complexities that make up the Latino community make Cecilia a very special professional. I hope to work with her again real soon.”
—Jorge Ramos, author/senior news anchor, Univision

“In regard to Cecilia Molinari's work as the editor of four of my eight books, I can only say she is EXCEPTIONAL. With Cecilia everything flows in a soft and easy way. Always open to dialogue, she is willing to perfect the manuscript, completely taking into account that her job is to elevate the book and help make it a best seller, not rewrite it . . . and that's what makes her a great editor!”
—María Antonieta Collins, journalist and author of eight books

“Cecilia Molinari turned my memoir into a journey that filled me with the utmost satisfaction. She keeps her promises, is precise with her work, and is endowed with a great character that enabled her to understand the intention behind my words and the importance of each chapter. I know that finding someone like her is not easy, but if these lines are to serve a purpose, I wish it to be as an ample recommendation for a great professional with whom it is a pleasure to work with due to her honesty and complete dedication to a book or any project entrusted to her.”
—Juanita Castro, coauthor of Fidel y Raúl, mis hermanos: La historia secreta

“Cecilia Molinari's precision and dedication as an editor make her exceptional. Her advice, her incredibly sharp eye for details, and her calm way of communicating make the editing process and the relationship between the editor and author a pleasant road toward creativity. Cecilia has unique and invaluable experience in the U.S. publishing world. Without a doubt, I would request and demand she be hired for my next project.”
—Armando Lucas Correa, author of En busca de Emma and editorial director of People en Español

“While at Rayo, Cecilia Molinari transformed my novel, The Heiress of Water, into the impeccably translated La heredera del mar. As a fully bilingual writer, I can appreciate every technical decision she made along the way. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s even better in Spanish than in the original English. The spirit of the novel was further enhanced by Cecilia's editorial brilliance.”
—Sandra Rodriguez Barron, author of The Heiress of Water, Rayo/HarperCollins, Winner of the 2007 International Latino Book Award for Best First Book

“Cecilia Molinari is a writer's editor. Sending her a manuscript is like sending one to your best friend, if your best friend is also kind, patient, and often brilliant. She happens to edit in both English and Spanish, but she's more than just bilingual—she thinks in two cultures. I found her to be invaluable.”
—Lisa Wixon, author of Dirty Blonde and Half-Cuban

“Cecilia Molinari is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and conscientious editor who has worked on a broad range of Spanish-language books published for the North American market. Her knowledge of the production process and the machinery of creating a book is an invaluable asset on top of this. I recommend her highly.”
—Jonathan Burnham, senior vice president and publisher of Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

“Cecilia is an outstanding editor with a detailed eye for not only words on a page, but for design as well. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I will hopefully get the chance to do it again soon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cecilia.”
—Steve Miller, freelance writer, marketing consultant, and coauthor of Home Sense

“Cecilia was great pleasure to work with on the Rayo and Collins imprints—first as a production editor and then as an editor. She is detail-oriented and thorough, and effortlessly managed complex titles on a tight production schedule.”
—Shubhani Sarkar, design manager at Hyperion

“Cecilia is an extremely detail-oriented, hard-working, professional who is also a pleasure to work with. She is a team player who will do what it takes to get the job done. Cecilia has the wonderful ability to maintain respectful relationships between the authors and agents as well as the in-house production teams, which can be a challenge. I enjoyed working with her and am more than happy to recommend her.”
—Nyamekye Waliyaya, associate director of production at HarperCollins Publishers